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VR Training Platform for CBRN

Meet with Talim

Talim is immersive, interactive and object-oriented Virtual Reality based platform for train CBRN staff. Demonstrations and simulations are available in Hot Zone, Warm Zone and Cold Zone with Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and threat agents.

Task-Based Scenarios

Talim is designed for simulate all steps of CBRN training. Task-based design helps to increase mental abilities and it prepares CBRN experts to actual HazMat situations. Role-playing application provide exact conditions to each participant. You can also choose echeloned scenarios, that will help your staff challenge their abilities. In every single scenario you can specify metrics according to what you want to measure.

Talim is able to provide these tasks with different levels;

  • Detection
  • Sampling
  • Decontamination
  • Search and Rescue
  • Damage Assessment


H-W-C Zones

In spite of the basic security approaches are the same in CBRN, the detailed procedures can depend on the zones. Talim ensures the different zone-conditions to train pluralistic way to CBRN staff. You can choose zone originated environments to have a good grasp of procedures. You can also assign you staff to different roles in different conditions.

Talim is able to supply these Zones in platform;

  • Hot Zone
  • Warm Zone
  • Cold Zone

Environment Library

When the environment changes the reaction and procedures of CBRN may vary. Talim procure different enviromental conditions to prepare your staff every single situations. Indoor and outdoor conditions can be selected to demontsrate the drill. In outdoor environments you can also arrange the wheather conditions like windy, rainy or snowy. It is also possible to create tailor-made environments by order.

Presently Talim’s environment library includes these fields;

  • Metro
  • Airport
  • Stadium (Outdoor)
  • Traffic Accident


Agent Variable

When it comes to the agents; effects, procedures and propagations change. Talim is available in different agents for every single environments and tasks. It creates great substantiality for platform. Threat agents has been designed on stay connected to scientifical characteristics.

Platform is available for;

  • Chemical Agents
  • Biological Agents
  • Radiological Agents
  • Nuclear Agents


Talim is available for multiplayer usage. Differentiated task-assigned people can meet in virtual world to collaborate and accomplish the task. This feature brings location independence too. When demontstrating a drill, you dont need to be stay same place even same city. The multiplayer feature enhances team adaptability by simulating teamwork needed in disaster situations.

Additionally platform available for single player mode.

Report and Analysis

The Reporting and Analysis module is a central dashboard where all critical simulation data is available to view at-a-glance.You can track the progress of your staff against different scenarios and conditions, giving you an instant picture of how your staff is performing and highlight areas in need of attention. More comprehensive reports enable you to drill down for more detailed analysis. There are a range of standard reports that are included with the module and we can also help you create custom reports with our report writing service.

The Report and Analysis System has cople of advantages;

  • Improve Performance
  • Increase Quality
  • Get quantifiable insight into your team

Features and Examples of platform

Virtual Reality Headset

The updated design for the consumer release is much smaller and more comfortable to wear, with swappable foam inserts and what it’s calling a nose ‘gasket’, as well as adjustable straps to get the fit right. You can use it with glasses. Technical details in below;

  • 2160 x 1200 Pixels in resolution
  • 9:5 Aspect ratio
  • 90 Hz Refresh Rate

The headset contains a gyrosensor, an accelerometer and a laser position sensor, which work together to track the position of your head. System includes;

  • Motion Tracking Sensors
  • Controllers



Metro station non-guided detection scene is on the picture. Type 1a-ET suit covered CBRN experts are looking for to detect agent. Multiplayer feature has been used in this scene to explore different areas.

The features used in Metro-Hot Zone-Detection scenario are;

  • Multiplayer
  • Task assignment to different players
  • Task-Accomplish time limitation
  • Oxygen cylinder 25 min limitation
  • Difficulty Level-3

Search & Rescue

This is an example of foul-rescued survivor application in platform. The platform allows users to make mistakes throughout the process and evaluating the staff in the reporting and analysis module. CBRN staff had panic and forgot to cloth protective equipment for the survivor, allowing her to pollute exterior environment.

In this scenario these features has been used;

  • Time Limitation 10 min.
  • Difficulty Level-1
  • Single Player Mode




This is an example of sampling drill in the system. Experts are looking forward to take a sample from agent. In this scenario CBRN expert has a sampling equipment with him.Sampling Equipment is a man-portable case with a selected range of sampling equipment. It provides first responders with all the tools they need to conduct efficient, proper and secure field collection of all types of chemical, biological and radiological agents. It includes all of the equipment and procedures needed for proper collection of a wide range of sample materials, including, liquids, soil, powder, objects, and vegetation.

The features used in this scenario are;

  • Task-Accomplish Time Limitation
  • Oxygen cylinder 30 min. limitation
  • Difficulty Level-2
  • Single Player Mode (with Bots)

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